Zodiac Lighting 30th Anniversary!

02 Oct Zodiac Lighting 30th Anniversary!

“At thirty I stood firm”, quotes from Confucianism, which means when we are turning thirty, our experience and skills allow us to be responsible to oneself and achieve targets in life. This is also true for a corporate.

On 1 October, is the big day of Zodiac Lighting entering 30th Anniversary, such as the name of Zodiac came from, the name of Zodiac is originated from the vision of our founders whom are determined to lay a solid foundation for the industry. With their conscientious and endurance spirit, Zodiac has successfully become one of the key company in the industry and established as the symbol of stylish enrichment in the past three decades. All of our achievements are relied on our valued customer support and trust.

We promise that we will take the responsibility for the development of industry and our society, keeping our “Professional” and “Sincere” attitude to serve our valued customers. We hereby would like to thank you all of you continued support to Zodiac Lighting, and we are pleased to invite you come and visit Zodiac Showroom to share the joy of the Zodiac Lighting 30th Anniversary.