CoeLux High Tech 25 Smart Sky

The CoeLux High Tech 25 is pure magic: it reproduces the light of the sun and the sky in just a few centimetres of advanced technology giving a sensation of natural daylight that’s perfect for use even in settings with limited installation height. CoeLux High Tech 25 is a 25 cm thick rectangular artificial skylight which brings the sensation of...

Chill out with the Summer Sales

歷程照明現正進行「夏日優惠」,多款精選燈飾均可享有折扣優惠。 是時候為家居帶來煥然一新的感覺!立刻把握機會蒞臨歷程照明門巿,以驚喜優惠價格添置您心儀的設計燈飾! 優惠期有限,萬勿錯過!歡迎參觀選購。