Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum

04 Jun Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum


Planning and construction of Tsz Shan Monastery began in 2003,  and it was completed more than ten years later. To visit Tsz Shan Monastery from the city, you are struck by a sense of calmness – both in the natural environment and in the atmosphere of the majestic monastery. Its style is inspired by the more solemn and elegant styles of the Tang,  Northern Song, Liao and Jin dynasties. The combination of inspiring architectural, historical collection and lighting solutions in Tsz Shan Monastery Buddhist Art Museum, it created an immersive environment for reflection and for the development of spiritual care and counselling to the community.

Project Development Unit: Tsz Shan Monastery Limited

Lighting Consultant: Spectrum Design & Associates (Asia)