Zodiac Lighting Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong on 1st October 1988. With over a century of combined experience in the lighting industry, the founders came together and led the company to success at its present days.


Zodiac Lighting is the distributor for some of the most established lighting brands in the world, along with our professional in-house design and manufacturing team developing custom products and solutions for our clients, we set the industry benchmark and pioneer as the market leader in the industry.


With our collection of international brands and manufacturing capability at our own factory, we provide professional services and tailored solutions to projects of all sizes and types. We also partner with some of the world’s leading smart home systems providers to ensure our intuitive solutions are fit for purpose. Our clientele comes from hotels, department stores, shopping arcades, retail shops, restaurants, hospitals, banks and residential households in Hong Kong, China and nearby regions.


Zodiac is to provide unparalleled services to our business partners and customers by offering expert lighting consultancy, quality lighting products and intuitive smart home system solutions. We are the company of choice by providing products and services beyond expectations and building the highest level of trust with our customers.


Provide an expeditious, flexible and responsive services to customers


Ensure the products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the internationally recognised standards


Cultivate an environment to develop and retain high quality people


Working as the brain of the corporation, the Head Office executes and formulates all the planning and activities for the company. State-of-the-art programs are used for the product design, illuminance calculation, smart system integration, inventory management and delivery arrangement processes to ensure quality of work and maximise efficiency. Manual supervision is also implemented so each tailored solution is executed timely and accordingly.

With a strong network in the industry, the company works closely with various regional suppliers, vendors and distributors to ensure a smooth operation.

Supported by a team of well-trained project management members, the company endeavours to provide an unparalleled service to our clients.


The showroom, , is furnished with our most popular lighting products and smart home experience centre, allowing a glimpse of the latest trend in the industry. The showroom is designed to lead a lighting journey for our new and existing customers and to showcase our extensive range of curated brands.

Business Hours

Business Hours
Mon to Sat 10:00 – 19:00
Sunday & Public Holiday 12:30 – 19:00


We believe in the balance between creativity and functionality. In collaboration with our Research and Development team, the team at our manufacturing plant is dedicated to develop practical and innovative lighting products to meet the needs of our discerning customers. Our production team also offers customised contemporary decorative and architectural lighting to designer designs and specifications. In addition to the design team, the quality control department provides the most stringent testing to ensure the highest level of safety and functionality on all products.

With a convenient location and plenty of storage space, our warehouse allows us to arrange inventory taking and product delivery in effective and systematic order.


ZODIAC LIGHT LAB at our head office was established as a pilot project to engage and connect with designers, consultants, and lighting specifiers by demonstrating the application of quality light and sharing the latest technical information from the lighting industry in a controlled environment. The participants are able to experience various lighting scenarios and understand the latest lighting technology effectively first hand.

We tailor lighting technology seminars to update and educate the industry with the ever-changing professional development requirement. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in customised program.