Zodiac Lighting: Bring nature Indoors

How do you bring the outside in? Let us show you our suggestions to bring the outdoors inside through natural elements and inspirations from nature. When you bring the outdoors inside, your space will feel more light and airy. Brining outdoor elements inside can also help people stay more connected with...

[Z’choice] Bell | AXOLIGHT

Bell brings together an important aesthetic identity, excellent lighting performance and acoustic properties in one. Thanks to its pongé fabric, is both flame-retardant and acoustic, allows Bell to reduce the noise as far as 59%. Previous Page | Z's Choice

[Z’choice] Acustica | FABBIAN

Acustica is inspired by a drum plate, the large and thin lampshade overturns its concept, absorbing surrounding sound and creating a high level of acoustic comfort. Previous Page | Z's Choice

Z Choice Special | Silent and Focus | Acoustic Lighting

Living in large urban areas, most of the sound surrounding us are not very pleasant. Therefore, paying attention to acoustic comfort in the built environment is imperative. Acoustic lighting solutions answers the request of lighting and sound-absorbing in the space. Let’s have a look the functional all-in-one acoustical lighting that...

◤ENTERO◢ Delta Light New Collection

Entero - One For All. It is a set of lighting tools enabling architects and designers to create discrete but diverse lighting schemes, using only one luminaire type throughout the entire project.