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Tri Light (Pendant)

Brand: Tokio.
Product Description: Modular structure in anodized aluminum. Source: 1.4W LED per module. Input voltage: 110V – 240V. L70 life: 50.000 hours.
Temperature: 2700K-4000K, tuneable white, CRI90. Dimming: DMX, push dimming, DALI. Programmable, multiple zones per
lamp available. Controls: remote control, phone/tablet app, wall switches. Different color finishes available. 12, 12.1, 18, 18.1,
26, 36, 46, 58, 82 modules standard editions.
Infininite custom and unique sizes/configurations available.
All special editions also available with Large modules. Large modules 5.85W per module.

The tri light is an expression of fundamental forces that are universal, yet infinitely diverse. The milled and anodised aluminium triangles are configurable to work within and for each specific space. An infinitely expandable design system, the tri light illuminates the timeless geometry of nature within the areas we inhabit: luminous and ethereal, yet as timeless as the laws of physics themselves.